MARDOG legally stands for the Morris Area Responsible Dog Owners Group. My friends like to call it Max, Alison, Responsible Dog Owner Giving. Max is a rescue from Labrador & Friends in Parsippany. He will be 5 years young this December and is pictured above sporting his yellow bandana. He's a Canine Good Citizen, chases deer and geese on command, and guards the house. Max has a good life but I make him work for everything. He actually prefers working over going to the dog park.

In December 2001, I was inspired to create MARDOG after rescuing Max and discovering how much fun it was to go to the dog park. There was no place to play fetch legally in town and so MARDOG was born. A petition was formed but MARDOG grew and became more than a petition.

MARDOG is committed to bringing dog parks to Morris County and educating public officials about the benefits of off-leash recreation. We teach good manners while visiting parks and educate owners about responsible dog ownership, dog park etiquette and respect and consideration for others. We believe a dog park is a privilege, not a right. Not every dog will enjoy going to a dog park and we try to discourage aggressive behaviors while at the park. We gently remind people to clean up and strongly encourage adhering to rules and etiquette. We aim to honor child and adult safety, and educate people about aggression, inappropriate behavior and dog park etiquette. We hold seminars, social events, and outreach events. All of these activities are sponsored without a paid staff.

Our group was the group that led the creation of the Lewis Morris Dog Run and we hope to bring more dog parks to the Morris Area. Thank you for visiting our web site. I hope to see you soon at the park.


Alison Deeb
MARDOG President