MARDOG's primary mission is to support the Lewis Morris County Dog Park in Morris Township as well as to apply our expertise and guidance to help other towns in Morris County and beyond create and develop public off-leash parks in their home communities. MARDOG believes there should be a dog park, facility or run in every town as New Jersey is the most densely populated state. Off leash dog parks are so important for the health and well being of our precious pets. MARDOG's mission encompasses six broad categories of community involvement including: Education, Development, Fundraising, Governance, Maintenance and Outreach. MARDOG's long-term goal is to establish a private non-profit dog park that supports the organization and to establish a federation of New Jersey Dog Parks so that all the parks can be integrated and services and best practices can be shared and regionalized.


• To develop two-acre off-leash public dog parks for the Greater Morristown/Morris County area.

• To provide enclosed fenced in areas with a separate area for small and timid dogs.

• To inform and educate people about responsible dog ownership, proper off-leash canine behavior and dog park etiquette.

• To partner with other animal and human welfare organizations to promote the importance and necessity for off-leash dog parks.

• To build a local dog park community of dog park organizations to serve as chapters so that individual dog parks can thrive and flourish.

• To act as a centralized fundraising and grant writing organization for the local dog park community.

• To develop standards and best practices for the local dog park community.