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Animal Welfare

  Animal Welfare Federation of NJ
  Best Friends
  NJ Animal Control Officer Association
  NJ Veterinary Medical Association
  World Wildlife Federation

Breeder Info

  American Kennel Club
  NJ Federation of Dog Clubs

Dog Parks

  Bark Park
  Dog Focused
  Dog Park Information
  Establishing a Dog Park in Your Community
  K-9 Companion Zone
  Responsible Dog Ownership
  San Francisco DOG
  Twin Cities DOG

Dog Trainers

A responsible dog owner trains his or her pet to have basic manners at the park and to understand basic obedience commands so the animal can be controlled at the park if necessary. MARDOG members use all of the training resources below and you can find the right trainer for you using the list below and talking to other dog friends at the park. Be sure to consider the following criteria when choosing a trainer including location of the facility, personality of the instructor, the class schedule and the particular training method. Good luck and remember training is good for your dog as it allows him to know his place in the pack and teaches good manners!

  Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  Bark Busters
  Doggie Academy - East Hanover
  Pawsitive Experience Pet Training - Rockaway
  St. Hubert's Dog Training School - Madison
  The K-9 Campus - Randolph
  Top Dog Training School - Flanders

Doggy Fun

  Hounds & Harriers Run
  Camp Unleashed
  Camp Gone To The Dogs

Good Dog Magazines

  Animal Companion
  Dog Watch
  Play More Magazine
  The Bark
  Whole Dog Journal

Good Dog Health

A responsible dog owner takes his or her pet to the vet and spays and neuters the animal if not of breeding quality. Many dog parks vary in their approach to access and vaccinations ranging from free to fee-based systems; the latter being restricted access to dog owners who register their pets in advance and who have proof and documentation of various vaccinations. Experts vary in their approach to vaccination requirements for dog parks so be sure to talk with your vet and do your own research beforehand as to what is required by each dog park you may visit. Be sure, at a minimum, that your dog has an updated rabies vaccine and is licensed before going to any public dog park. Although Lewis Morris has no access fees, all dogs must have proof of a current dog license and be vaccinated for rabies. This is indicated by wearing a current dog license tag around your pet's collar. For information about licensing, see your town's health officer or Animal Control Officer (ACO). In New Jersey, dog licenses are issued by the municipality and licenses need to be renewed each year. A current rabies vaccine is needed for your license to be validated. Some town's offer free rabies clinics but this is not always a guarantee. The rabies booster can be either 12 or 36 months - check with your veterinarian as to the type of vaccine that is right for your pet. Please license your dog and be sure to see your vet annually for a routine check-up to ensure good doggy health! The following list below is provided as a courtesy and are just some of the vets used by Mardog members. Be sure to check out the helpful links on these vetrerinary web sites for additional medical health information and remember that vaccinations and rules, regardless of the dog park, is for you and your dog's protection.

  American Animal Hospital - Randolph
Brain T. Voynick, DVM, CVA
(973) 895-4999

  Community Animal Hospital - Morris Plains
(973) 267-4220

  Madison Veterinary Hospital, PA
Abraham Van Beveren III, DVM
(973) 377-1515

  Morristown Animal Hospital
Nancy Padover, DVM
David Matalon, VMD
(973) 539-2808
Closed Wednesdays - Open Saturdays

  Murray Hill Veterinary Associates - New Providence
Peter R. Brody, DVM
(908) 464-0664

  Oradell Animal Hospital - Paramus
(201) 262-0010

  Red Bank Veterinary Hospital
(732) 747-3636

  Rockaway Animal Clinic
Arthur Baeder, DVM
(973) 627-0789

  South Street Veterinary Hospital - Morristown
John Nelson, VMD
(973) 538-5414

  Werner Animal Hospital, LLC - Morris Plains
(973) 540-1433

Shelters & Rescues

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